Phoenix Robotic Team, also known as Equipe Phoenix de Robótica, was born in 2000 under the name Marthe Team, being one of the oldest robotics teams in Latin America. The Marthe Team initially emerged with the aim of developing a robotic soccer team at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Unicamp. In the beginning of 2001, the team decided to turn to radio-controlled robots, which had easier algorithms than the robots involved in soccer. With this decision in mind and together with the robotics teams from the Polytechnic School of the University of S. Paulo, the Federal Engineering School of Itajubá (EFEI) and the Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA), the first robotics competition in America was organized by the Marthe Team Latin, this event was held at Unicamp and was called “Desafio de Robôs” (Robot Challenge).

      This competition was inspired by similar events held in European countries, the USA and other countries, and led undergraduate students to test their theoretical engineering knowledge acquired during the course and to use their creativity when building robots and their immobilization weapons. The team earned third place in the competition, being disqualified in the second round for not returning due to the robot catching fire in the interval of the rounds due to a short circuit caused by the engine stalling.

     After the “Desafio de Robôs” (Robot Challenge) became more popular, the number of team members increased and continued its activities until 2005, when it underwent several changes and was named the Phoenix Robot Challenge Team. Finally, in 2013 the team was consolidated with the current name “Unicamp's Phoenix Robotics Team”.

    Even after so many changes, reformulations and restructuring, the team maintained its purpose of developing the skills of its members and applying the concepts in practice learned by students during graduation. In addition, maintaining his passion for robotics and innovation through projects for national and international competitions.

        In the beginning, the team consisted of students from the Control and Automation Engineering course and competed only in combat categories in robotics events, over the years students from Electrical, Mechanical and Computer Engineering were attracted to our team. Currently, our team is made up of students from several courses at Unicamp, and we have increased our range of competitive modalities by participating with 13 active projects.

      The Phoenix Team seeks to be a place where its members share the maximum amount of knowledge among themselves, developing the technical, social and soft skills in each member. A place where engineering is put into practice and whose main mission is to make robotics accessible and becoming an international reference.